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Mail-In Order

   Pay by check or money order and we pay PA state tax and shipping!

To take advantage of this, please print and fill out the form below. Complete the form, along with a check or money order (made payable to Springdale Health Mgmt, LLC) for $995.00 per each Quantum Blanket, and mail to the following address: 

Springdale Health Management, LLC
167 Springdale Road
Venetia, PA 15367

Upon receiving your check, we will process your order and ship your Quantum Blanket within 5-10 business days. You can email or call us at anytime for an update on the status of your order at info@quantumblanket.com or telephone: 412-736-3106.


Please fill out and print the following order form:

ORDERING INFORMATION:  Please print & complete with your mailing information:

Name  _________________________________________  Telephone # __________________________     

Address where Quantum Blankets should be shipped:

Street Address ________________________________________________________________________

City _____________________________________ ST _________   ZIP ______________ 

EMAIL _______________________________________________________________________________

Any special shipping instructions? _________________________________________________________

Quantity Ordered: _______________________   Prepaid Amount Enclosed $_______________________

Please fill out and sign the following:

I, (please print your name) __________________________ understand that all sales of the Quantum

Blanket are final and that I will not be able to return my product. If I have any concerns about the product,

I understand that Springdale Health Management, LLC will do its best to address them. 

Signed: ______________________________________ Date: _____________________________

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